• Plutonium® interior/exterior aerosol paint is a unique modified automotive acrylic lacquer which provides a premium coating that resists dripping, chipping, cracking and peeling.
  • Due to its high pigment load Plutonium® can provide up to 2½ times the coverage of other aerosol paints, this will vary by color and comparison brands.
  • Ideal for use on metals, masonry, wood, wicker, paper, some rubber and plastic surfaces for a smooth, durable, satin finish.
  • As a true HVLP (high volume low pressure) color delivery system, our paint has been developed to dry faster, cover better and last longer than any other aerosol paint.
  • Note For Application: Paint should be applied 5-9 inches from surface. Humidity will accelerate dry time, so as humidity increases, the distance from the target surface MUST BE REDUCED. You can apply Plutonium® Paint 1-2 inches from target surface if necessary. If paint is applied more than 3-5 inches from surface, it may dry in the air and cause a “dusty” finish.
  • One of the many benefits of Plutonium® Paint is the fact that it is a fast drying aerosol. The user is able to complete projects much faster (3-5 minutes) instead of 6-12 hours or more.
  • Mold, mildew and fade resistant with superior UV protection.
  • Plutonium® is innovative, with an ergonomic seamless can and dual valve system – a feature that allows the can to be held upside down while spraying without clogging.
  • Its interchangeable actuator system provides variable spray patterns from 1/16th” to over 10″ wide.
  • Plutonium® reduces the carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%, by using a 70% pigment load and 30% propellant, making it more eco-friendly than leading brands. No CFCs.
  • Our cans are environmentally friendly. Made from tin-free steel and coated on both sides with PET (a polyester polymer), we’ve eliminated the need for a solvent based interior lining, thereby significantly reducing any carbon emissions. Our finished cans have no welded side seams; this does away with the need for copper or water during manufacturing.
  • Will not interfere with the use of, or in combination with, other aerosol paints, which often crystallize when multiple brands are used together.
  • Plutonium® Paint has a 5-year shelf life.
  • Made in the USA. Born and raised in Detroit. (Manufactured in Menomonee Falls, WI)